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1 year ago

CoShopNow vs Shopify vs ECWID

When a company writes about itself and its competitors, it is not likely to be objective, but there are facts that cannot be altered however you say it.

Shopify and ECWID are the most well established companies that help businesses open online stores. They provide many features that make them very useful to businesses that operate in the USA, and sometimes in Europe.

They have many payment gateway options that can be used by businesses to accept payment instantly from their shoppers.

CoShopNow is not connected to payment gateways. However, you can still accept credit card payments by giving your email account and use PayPal to receive payments. You can also indicate your local payment options. In the Philippines, this refers to GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay. Businesses can also accept bank deposit either through the old way (over the counter) or online, because the shoppers can upload an image of the deposit note as proof.

We can build the capability to connect you to payment gateways such as Dragonpay, but it comes with additional costs, and we know from experience that most businesses do not want that.

CoShopNow allows more product variants than Shopify. For example, if you are selling customizable T-shirts, you can allow a shopper to specify the color, the size, the print design, and shirt design all at once. However, CoShopNow does not show the image of these options right now. We are working on it.

Shopify and ECWID have shipping options. Names of large shipping companies are preloaded on the options. CoShopNow assumes that businesses will decide how to ship the products. Businesses can decide whether shipping/delivery cost is included in the selling price, in which case delivery fee is not required, or let shoppers arrange their pick up service.

Since CoShopNow is geared towards group purchase, a single delivery to multiple addresses is advantageous to the buyers as they can share the delivery fee, and the businesses that cater to that scenario can select to divide a fixed delivery fee amongst all buyers. This, we believe, is not a feature available in Shopify or ECWID.

And since Shopify and ECWID are not designed for group purchases, we believe they also do not have a feature to have a cut-off date for orders. Cut-off date with time will allow sellers to process orders in batches, because buyers will know that orders for a particular batch have to be submitted before a certain date.

2 years ago

Why did we create CoShopNow

we created CoShopNow to solve a problem.

We missed a certain food item that was only available in a far away place. To go there just to get that one item is too time consuming and costly. Ordering delivery is also expensive.

Solution: why not ask friends and neighbors if they would like to order the same item, and we can share the delivery fee?

Actually, it solves more than one problem.

Similar to getting a popular item that is available only from a far away place, there are a lot of good deals that are only available when ordered in bulk volume.

Again the solution is to find someone else to share the order with you!

Traditional online shopping cart does not combine orders into one total group order, making it burdensome on the person organizing the group purchase. simplifies the tasks involved in a group order.