What is CoShopping

It is a tech-enabled way to buy something together with other people.
Clearly, you will do that when there are advantages to do so, compared with buying something by yourself, such as:
When it is difficult for people to go to the seller, eg. during a community quarantine;
When delivery fee is high;
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When there is volume discount, the price is lower if more is sold in a single order;
When an item is sold only in bulk, e.g. by a case which contains 20 bottles of wine or beer or pieces of fruits.

What is is like an online shopping cart service, but with additional features. Regular online shopping cart service like Shopify enables a seller to display products and accept orders online from individuals.

The main additional feature that has is that it is built for group ordering. More than one person can place an order on a list of products offered by a seller ("coshop organizer") for a specific cut-off date and time.

The total quantity of each product ordered by all the customers ("coshoppers") can be viewed together by the coshop organizer, and he or she can see how many of each product is required for the delivery of all the orders.

Thresholds can be set for the total order value, individual order value, as well as for each item (minimum order requirements). is community-centric. It helps people in the same neighborhood, or same social group, to make purchases collective, and thus not only achieve cost savings, but cement their friendship.