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What is CoShopNow

CoShopNow.com is like an online shopping cart service, but with additional features. The main additional feature that CoShopNow.com has is that it is built for group ordering. More than one person can place an order on a list of products offered by a seller ("coshop organizer") for a specific cut-off date and time. The total quantity of each product ordered by all the customers ("coshoppers") can be viewed together by the coshop organizer, and he or she can see how many of each product is required for the delivery of all the orders.CoShopNow.com is community-centric. It helps people in the same neighborhood, or same social group, to make purchases collective, and thus not only achieve cost savings, but cement their friendship.

Why CoShopNow



A seller can choose one of two formats for setting up a CoShop. If you have a deadline for receiving orders,
choose the CoShop with Cut-Off date option. See example here

If you can deliver any time after receiving an order, choose the CoShop without Cut-off date format. See example here.