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Accept orders easily. You can sell different products in a single CoShop for one delivery to many people

Easily create your online shop to sell to a group of buyers with a cut-off date, or to single buyers without cut-off date

Get started for free. No credit card required.

You know that Group Buying can get you wholesale prices, and savings in shipping costs.
It can also help you keep in touch with friends.

But it can be a lot of work, especially if there is more than one product or design involved.
Calculating the bill for each buyer can be so tedious.
Sorting the items for delivery to each buyer can be time consuming. can take the pain out of organizing a group buying, so that you can easily enjoy its benefits.
Yes, you would need to enter some information about the product into your online store, such as description and price, and add at least a photo.
And that's it. All that is left is to invite your friends to join the group buying.

When your friends see your products, they can find the description, and order easily. No repetitive explanation needed.
You can see all the orders in one place, and the total bill is calculated for you, no matter how many products are ordered.
Packing for delivery of individual orders is made less onerous by the Delivery Note built into the program, which will show the orders for each product, and allow for changes. is even more helpful if you organize the same group buying on a regular basis. You can simply add another cut-off date if there is one, or extend the expiration of your online store.

You can use for your selected group of friends (a private online store), or, if you want to attract a wider audience, your online store will appear on the CoShop webpage, which is public and is regularly visited by members!

Still not sure? The only way to find out if is right for you is to try it out. Create a coshop, and see how it works, for you. If a coshop is used for only one cut-off date, it is FREE.


All coshops have these features:

  • upload unlimited number of products
  • each product can be priced by either quantity (by pieces) or weight (in kg, lb, or grams)
  • buyer can upload proof of payment to seller's dashboard
  • final delivery quantity and price can be adjusted in a delivery note
  • packing for delivery is made easy with an order summary that shows the total quantity of each product ordered by buyers
  • each product can have variants like color or size to be selected by buyers
  • seller can choose to accept Cash on Delivery or prepayment
  • buyers are automatically given updates through email, e,g, order approved or rejected
  • buyers can order via web app as well as through Viber app
  • marketing tools are provided to sellers (CoShop Organizers) such as a place to save contacts and frequently used social media pages and groups for future use

A seller can choose one of two formats for setting up a CoShop. If you have a deadline for receiving orders, choose the CoShop with Cut-Off date option. See example here

If you can deliver any time after receiving an order, choose the CoShop without Cut-off date format. See example here.


CoShop with Recommended for Cost
A Single Cut-off date Trying out the service, or organizing one-off coshopping with friends. FREE
Multiple cut-off dates Small businesses that have a delivery schedule for each batch of orders P400 per month
No cut-off date Suitable for small businesses that can deliver any time there is an order P400 per month