(Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the ways that I can use CoShopNow.com?

The best use of CoShopNow.com is to organize a group deal for you and friends. If you have found a good deal, but it needs a large order quantity, you can get your friends in the act, by inviting them to take part in a coshop that you have created for this deal. You can create a coshop with a cut-off date so that you can add up the orders by a deadline, and if the minimum order quantity or value needed to get the good deal is reached, you can go ahead with ordering the deal!

Another use of CoShopNow.com is as an online shopping cart to display your products and accept orders online like a regular online shop. You don't need a cut-off date for processing the orders. CoShopNow.com can be used to set up coshops without cut-off dates.

For CoShoppers [Buyers]

Why should I buy through CoShopNow.com?

On CoShopNow.com, you can take part in group orders, where prices are lower because of bulk order discount or savings from delivery fee, because CoShopNow.com allows any one to organize group ordering if they have a good deal to offer.

Group deals are often offered with a cut-off date, since orders have to be processed in a batch. So when you see coshops with one or more cut-off date buttons, check them out to see if they have an offer that you do not want to miss!

Placing orders

You do not need to register before placing an order on a store on CoShopNow.coming. At the end of an order, you will need to provide information to enable delivery and communication with the seller (coshop organizer). Emails will be sent to you for order confirmation, and a password will be provided as an option for you to check status of your order on the CoShopNow.com website.

You can Cancel an order any time before the cut-off date and time. After you submit an order, the order will be reviewed by the coshop organizer. You can view your order at My Orders, and can Cancel the order by clicking the "cancel order" button located at the bottom, You cannot edit individual products in an order after you have submitted it to the seller (coshop organizer). This is to avoid complications for the organizer and other coshoppers, especially coshops that offer group volume discounts, and have prepayment as an option. But you may contact the coshop organizer to discuss changes. If the seller (coshop organizer) agrees to make changes, he/she can adjust the order in the delivery note.

Can I get a refund if I do not like the item(s) delivered?

We would advise shoppers to check with the seller, since your payment is made directly to the seller (CoShop organizer), and CoShopNow.com does not take a cut from any sales between coshopper and coshop organizer.

For Organizers [Sellers]

How do I use CoShopNow.com as an online shopping cart?

You can create your online store easily from the Organizer Center of your account.

After that, you can copy the URL (website address) of your online store (called CoShop in CoShopNow.com), and paste it directly to your online marketing materials, such as a social media post or social messaging app.

When your potential customer clicks on the link, it will open your online store on CoShopNow.com, see your products and place orders.

More information is available in the "How To" section of Organizer Center, accessible after you log in to your account, and click the tab "My Account" located at the top of your web browser on a desktop device, or by clicking "+" next to "My Account" in mobile device.

How much does it cost to use CoShopNow.com?

The cost of using CoShopNow.com to sell your products is P100 per coshop cut-off date for coshops with cut-off dates, or P400 per month for coshops without cu-off dates.

CoShops with cut-off dates will process orders together by each cut-off date. For example, s coshop collects orders so that the total order can meet a certain minimum requirement to get a discount.

CoShops without cut-off date processes orders as each order is received.

Again, more information is available in the "How To" section in Organizer's Center once you are logged in.

How do I pay the service fees for using CoShopNow.com to sell products?

There is an electronic wallet for each coshop organizer. You can load it up either by bank deposit or by GCash (to come). Service fees will then be deducted from the wallet when you create a new coshop or add a new cut-off date to an existing coshop.